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Charity Fundraising:

Promo Sports Marketing & Management offers a unique service to all charity organisations.

We can provide help when it comes to helping your organisation run a major event.

  • Guest Speakers
  • Sporting Memorabilia
  • Fundraising ideas
  • Event Management
  • Sponsorship

We will site down with you and come up with an action plan that will help you achieve your goal, in the monies you wish to raise for your charity. Your charity must be a resisted charity either in New Zealand or Australia. 

In Australia Promo Sports Marketing & Management have worked with a number of Australian charity organisations – including Vision Australia, Guide Dogs Victoria, and Australian Red Cross.

The main achievement for the team was securing Bali bombing victim, and former AFL North Melbourne icon Jason McCartney  - a truly inspirational presentation by the former Kangaroo legend, which helped raise extra funding for the Australian Red Cross.
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